Verification Help

Our risk based approach means we are aware of any potential risks we are exposed to, and take the appropriate mitigation measure in accordance with the level of risk. Knowing your Customer is a core enabler of using the platform. The Verification process is simple and intuitive and we are here to assist you to get verified as easy as 1-2-3.

To verify your identity, we will ask you to provide some of your personal information and supporting documents like an ID document. Here are the steps to submit your information for the specific Level of Access:

1. Identity Verification Level 1

We will ask you to complete 3 steps consisting of: ID Type, Personal Info and a Photo.

Step 1: ID Type

ID type details

Select the ID type you wish to proceed with. It may be your: ID card, your driving license or your Passport. Make sure to use only Latin alphabet when you fill in the details as below:

ID type info

You will have to manually type the following details from your ID Type selected:

1. Issuing country
2. ID serial number
3. ID Type Issue date
4. ID Type Expiration date
5. Tax Reference number (or opt out if you don't have any)
6. Upload a scan or picture of your ID type making sure it's in high resolution (minimum 300dpi), colour, not older than 3months; no larger than 15MB and in formats like a PNG, JPG, or PDF.

*You are asked to upload both front and back of your ID type either in one single upload or two (one for each - front and back). Should your ID Type not have a back as issued by a legal issuer, then simply tick the checkbox confirming this.

Step 2: Personal info

Personal info

Please enter the requested info in English.

Residential Address represents your current address. If the permanent address is different kindly make sure this is reflected accordingly. Usually the permanent address is the same as the one you use for official billing correspondace for example.


Step 3: Photo

It's selfie time! Take a selfie holding a piece of paper handwritten in English, with the name of the platform 'Solmine' and the current date (the date when taking your selfie) in full visible sight. Make sure to also include in your selfie, your ID type previously selected (ID card, driving license or passport).

We recommend you look straight at the camera, having a neutral background and plenty of light. No filters applied to your camera, not wearing sunglasses or hats or anything covering your face & having your information written clearly visible.

How to selfie

2. Identity Verification Level 2

KYC Utility Bill example

We will ask you to complete the Proof of Residency verification. This should go pretty simple and fast.

Simply upload a proof (scan or picture of a PAPER document) providing your address stated in the Verification form you submitted. You can opt for a:

  • Bank statement
  • Utility bill/invoice (mobile phone, Internet or cable/satellite TV invoices are not accepted)
  • Tax return or council tax
  • Other documents issued in the last 4 months, addressed to your Name, addressed to your Home address, issued in Latin alphabet, containing a date of issue.

Note that if your proof is only an online invoice, then you must provide a proof of your online account.

3. Identity Verification Level 3

We will ask you to complete the Proof of Funds verification. As the previous verification level of access, it's pretty simple and fast as well.

Simply upload a proof (scan or picture of a PAPER document) providing your financial ability for the source of your funds. You can opt for a:

  • Article of association
  • Bank statement
  • Other documents providing the origin of your funds and issued in the last 6 months, issued to your contact information (name, address, email etc), issued in Latin alphabet, containing a date of issue.

The verification process does not usually take long, up to 24h. The status of your verification is submitted in the platform directly, in the Settings > KYC section and via email as well. Should our Compliance Team need additional information, proof or documents, you will be contacted as soon as possible for clarification. Our support team is available 24/7 and here to support your experience and help out.