Simple yet powerful

Crypto Trading should not be complicated.
Day to Night trading experience to streamline your effort and cut the complexity through a simple interface.

Advanced and proactive security

With a risk based approach, cutting-edge security in place and dedicated compliance team, your account and personal info is always beyond the reach of dangerous attempts.


A new digital economy, EU standardized.


Account Security, Systems Security, Risk Management, all in favour to protecting you.


Always in the know of your status, how it works or when your order is processed.

Protecting your assets and personal info

Privacy, not just a word

Bringing finance into the present by protecting your data and flagging risky behaviour.


Regulated cryptocurrency trading

Crypto Trading,
EU standardized

We're part of a new digital economy landscape that wants to provide a standardized approach to crypto trading.

Regulated trading

Always on when you need it


Responsive Customer Support

On social channels, on dedicated support line, live chat features, all to support your experience and help out.


Proactive Status Update

Reliable systems ensure for any scheduled maintenance to happen per module and lightning fast.

Enjoy your holiday off crypto

Freeze account

Take your time off to enjoy your holiday with a temporary freeze.

Trades placed will run automatically, withdrawals & API keys are frozen.

Freeze account feature

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