Designed to work for all of us

With the latest tech at its core, functional design and security-first, you even forget it's crypto. Digital assets trading is here to stay and we enable you to securely trade and carry out transactions of your digital currencies serving your ongoing financial needs.

Night view & Customisation

Interface - the way you want it. Control how you use the product's interface from dark to white theme and from price, trading and email alerts to on page notifications and customisations. Absolutely tailored to you.

Limit orders

Trade all the popular cryptocurrencies. Simple yet powerful. Specify a price, and if the price reaches the specified limit price, your order will be filled.

Market orders

Whatever is the best price, simply press "buy"/ "sell" and let the market choose the price.

Secure - day & night

We're serious about data encryption, regulated and compliant services, extra layers of authentication and funds management as well as flagging risky behaviour.

Trailing stop

Power up your trading game with stop offset triggers. Greater flexibility to profit, or limit a loss.

Top performance at high volume trading

Our quality engineering principles helped us reach 1M TPS and be able to offer all of us an unapologetic performance at all times.

Funds management

We use our experience and understanding of the industry to improve the way you trade and hold crypto. That means seamless transactions and easy to use user interface. We've cut out the complexity to give you instant visibility and access at the touch of a button.
Main dashboard for allNight view dashboardLimit feature dashboardMarket feature dashboardAlways secure dashboardTrailing stop feature dashboardPerformance dashboardFunds dashboard

Freeze account

Enjoy your holiday off crypto. Fraudsters stay away while you take your time off to enjoy your holiday with a temporary freeze.

Trades placed will run automatically, withdrawals & API keys are frozen.

Freeze account feature

APIs & Integrations

Meeting your efficiency and comfort expectations.

Take your trading to new heights with the help of integrations and automation.

APIs and Integrations